Watercolor 101- Everything You Should Know As A Beginner

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Watercolor 101- Everything You Should Know As A Beginner

Erika Lancaster Artist

Getting started with any new painting medium can be intimidating and overwhelming for anyone

The vast sea of information out there can make things even more confusing and can take us down rabbit holes that make us waste time we could be spending actually moving our skills forward. 

This course includes everything you need to know as a beginner getting started with watercolor, in one neat package. All of the must-know topics and must-do exercises are included, which will provide a solid foundation to jump off from. Not to mention, you won't spend money on supplies that you don't really need as a beginner watercolor artist. 

✱ What You'll Learn:

  • Must-have watercolor painting supplies
  • The characteristics that set watercolors apart from other painting mediums
  • Everything you need to know about watercolor paint formats
  • Everything you need to know about watercolor paper types
  • Everything you need to know about watercolor brushes
  • The main brush strokes to practice
  • The 3 basic watercolor washes to practice
  • Must-know techniques
  • How to transfer your pencil sketches onto watercolor paper
  • Stretching watercolor paper

✱ Supplies you'll need:

Though I do bring in a few extra supplies to explain about certain techniques and stretching watercolor paper, only basic watercolor painting supplies are really needed to follow along.

  • Watercolor paint set
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Backing board
  • Paint mixing palette
  • Pencil (I use an HB and a 2B in this course)
  • Erasers (soft drawing eraser and kneaded eraser)
  • Masking tape, artist tape or washi tape
  • Water container
  • Water spritzer (I use an old, emptied-out, cheap perfume bottle)
  • Absorbent towel or regular kitchen paper towels
  • Optional: Black Sharpie or pen, masking fluid, toothpicks, salt, tracing paper, extra pieces of watercolor paper to test out color/transparency

Each class in this course has its own checklist, fillable worksheet, or set of watercolor exercises to work on.

I've included photos of my own exercises that you can use as references as you're working, as well as outline sketches whenever relevant, for practical classes.

Lecture-type classes include checklists and worksheets that you can print and fill in, as we're moving along.

I want this!

When you buy this course, you'll get lifetime access to my full Watercolor 101 course, which is made up of 11 value-packed classes that'll help you start your watercolor journey on the right foot. Each class has its own downloadable files. If you have any questions, send me an email: hello@erikalancaster.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

Basic Supplies Class (Video File -.mov)
Watercolor Characteristics Class (Video File -.mov)
Paint Formats Class (Video File -.mov)
Paper Types Class (Video File -.mov)
Brush Types Class (Video File -.mov)
Brush Stroke Practice Class (Video File -.mov)
Basic Washes Practice Class (Video File -.mov)
Must-Know Techniques Class (Video File -.mov)
How To Transfer Sketches Class Using Tracing Paper (Video File -.mov)
Stretching Watercolor Paper (How + Why) Class (Video File -.mov)
+ Downloadable supply checklist, fillable worksheets, templates for exercises and examples.
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