Watercolor Pencil Still Life Course

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Whether you're just getting started with watercolor pencils or you've been using this medium for some time, but are struggling to develop higher levels of realism, this course is for you!

By the end, you'll have completed a still-life painting using watercolor pencils and you'll have learned essential skills to take with you for greater success with any watercolor pencil piece you may choose to work on in the future. 

✱ This class is for all levels. 

By the end of this course, you'll have painted a realistic still life arrangement using watercolor pencils.

✱ What You'll Learn:

  • How to pick the right colors that will help you develop higher levels of realism
  • Must-know information on Value/Tone that you need to know for realistic art
  • How to plan for highlight areas and keep them protected throughout the painting process
  • Why white is not necessary when using watercolor pencils (or watercolor paint)
  • How to bring in "alternative" shadow colors for interest and integration
  • How to layer watercolor pencils while avoiding overworking and flattening out your art
  • Must-know tips on water control
  • How to create gradients with watercolor pencils
  • How to combine watercolor pencils and traditional watercolor paint in one same piece

✱ Supplies you'll need:

  • Tracing paper
  • Drawing pencils *Suggested grades: HB, 2B
  • Soft graphite eraser
  • Kneaded eraser Optional
  • Watercolor paper *Suggested type/weight: Hot Press or Cold Press, 140 lbs.
  • Watercolor pencil set
  • Watercolor paint set
  • Watercolor brushes *Suggested types/sizes: Rounds 10, 14 and Flat 3/4"
  • Container with clean water
  • Absorbent towel or kitchen paper towels
  • Scrap pieces of watercolor paper
  • Masking tape or artist's tape

✱ This course includes downloadable files:

  • Your supply list
  • The reference photo
  • An outline drawing (you can trace over the photo or this outline drawing to prepare your preliminary pencil sketch on your watercolor paper)
  • A photo of my final painting which you can use as reference

Hope you enjoy and get a lot from this course. :)

✱ Additional Resources:

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When you buy this course, you'll get lifetime access to my Realistic Watercolor Pencil Still Life course, which is made up of 11 value-packed classes in which I teach you, step-by-step, how to use watercolor pencils to paint a full still life. I let you into all of my strategies and techniques for realistic, glowing results. This course also includes downloadable files (my outline sketch, reference photo, etc.). If you have any questions, send me an email: hello@erikalancaster.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :)

Supplies (Video File -.mp4)
Course Project (Video File -.mp4)
Must Know Information for Success (Video File -.mp4)
Choosing Colors (Video File -.mp4)
First Application of Color (Video File -.mp4)
First Color Activation (Video File -.mp4)
Second Application of Color (Video File -.mp4)
Second Color Activation (Video File -.mp4)
Third Application of Color (Video File -.mp4)
Painting Background Wall (Video File -.mp4)
Final Details (Video File -.mp4)
+ Downloadable supply checklist, outline sketch, reference photo and photo of my finished piece.

Watercolor Pencil Still Life Course

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